Thank you!

Am I ready to come back home, and what exactly does that mean? I always thought home is where you were born and raised and I always thought, too, that I would get the all-known quote „Home is where your heart is“. But oh boy! I was so wrong. After one year living abroad in an amazing family, full of great people, new experiences and adventures. I found a second home, a place where strangers gave me chance to get to know their live but they gave me so much more and I am so thankful for that! But once again, I have to leave home. The part that really bothers me is that I never really thought about „going back“, it was just always the „going away“ part that was all over me, but now when it is almost over, I know why I tried to ignore that part. – Because it really hurts. I will really miss you! But this will not be a goodbye, this will be a see you later! <3


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